Radford College, Radford, Virginia.  1967-70. Fine Arts. 

Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C.  1971-73. Art Research . Corcoran Diploma, (BA equiv.) 1973.


As U.S. Foreign Service dependent, traveled with family to Greece, France, Algeria, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, India and Canada.   Attended French, British and American schools.

Attended The Corcoran in WashingtonD.C. Studied with Gene Davis, William Christenberry, Robert Stackhouse and Ed McGowin.  Had first exhibit in 1973 at the Corcoran Gallery.  Exhibited regularly at the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA), under the founding director Alice Denney, as well as at other galleries in that city and also in New York.  Was represented for one year by the Pyramid Gallery in Washington D.C.  Areas of endeavor were painting, assemblage, performance art and events.

 Moved to Los Angeles in 1976 under mentorship of Walter Hopps. Was represented by the Morgan Thomas Gallery in Santa Monica until gallery closed.  Did Performance Art events at The Gallery Theater, Barnsdall Park,  and at the Southern California Center for the Arts. Worked mostly in the mediums of painted constructions and performance art. Began to explore installation and tableau art.

Arrived in Seattle in 1989.  Areas of endeavor mostly painted construction, tableaux and installation. Exhibited at Collusion Unlimited, Battery Street Gallery, the Kurt Lidtke Gallery, and was represented for two years by the G. Gibson Gallery. Was included in the Northwest Annual, curated by Laura Trippi in 1995, and in 1998 created an installation piece for the First Avenue window of the Seattle Art Museum Rental/Sales Gallery. Was selected for inclusion in The End, a millenium exhibition at the Tacoma Art Museum and in 2000 was invited to place a site-specific sculpture/installation work at the new sculpture park at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center (PAFAC).  Was selected in 2003 by Seattle Arts Commission as a participant in its new Emerging Public Artist Roster, which association led to doing a full scale artist’s installation for an emerging public artists’ exhibition at City Space.

Joined CORE Gallery in Seattle in 2016.


Selected Solo

April 2017                      CORE Gallery, Seattle

ENCYCLOPEDIA - A Matter of Record.  Mixed Media Works and Installation. 

April 2016                      CORE Gallery, Seattle                                                                           

                                       HISTORY - An Installation and Related works. Mixed Medium constructions

October 2015                 Vermillion, Seattle.                                                                        

                                        CLAIM AND KIN, Mixed Medium constructions

March 2004                    G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle.                                                                            

                                        BENEDICTION.  Mixed-medium painting/construction.

September 2002            PDX Gallery, Portland, OR

                                       GRACES.    Site-specific installation.  Mixed-mediums.

October 1998                 Collusion Unlimited, Seattle.

                                       ALMANAC.  Installation and assembled and painted objects.

March 1997                    Kurt Lidtke Gallery, Seattle.

                                       FETE and Other Recent Work.  Installation and assembled and painted objects.

July, 1995                      Battery Street Gallery, Seattle. 

                                       ESTATE II. Assembled and painted objects

January 1995                Kittredge Gallery, U. of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA.

                                      ESTATE. Assembled and painted objects.

March 1994                  Collusion Unlimited, Seattle.

                                     OH OH OH. Assembled and painted objects.

June 1980                   Southern California Center for the Arts, Pasadena.

                                     AFTER THE BALL.  Multi-media performance.

April 1979                    Gallery Theatre, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles.

                                    TRAMPOLINE.  Multi-media performance.

September 1975          Washington Project for the Arts (WPA), Washington, D.C.

                                    AIRPLANES. Sculpture , drawings and installation.


January, 2015           A Contemporary Theater (ACT), Seattle

                                  REAL TIME: 4 Interactive Installations. HISTORY - A Mixed Mediums Installation

March, 2014              Axis, Seattle. Siolo Thompson, Curator.

                                  EX LIBRIS: 100 Artists 100 Books. ATLAS Constructed, drawn and painted Artist's Book

August, 2004            City Space, Seattle. TRANSITION AND TRANSFORMATION.  LYCEE.  Installation.

January 2002            Solomon Fine Arts,  Seattle.

                                   LEGEND, LORE AND LOCALE.  Three Artists.  Assembled and painted objects.     

December 2001         Denise Bibro Fine Art, Inc. New York. Juried Exhibition.

                                   MANIFESTIONS: FORM AND FUNCTION. Assembled and painted objects

May, 2000                 Port Angeles Fine Arts Center (PAFAC), Port Angeles, WA.

                                  INAUGURAL EXHIBITION-OUTSIDE. Site-specific sculpture/installation in new

                                  sculpture park.

August 1999            Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA.

                                 THE END. Assembled and painted objects.

March 1998              Seattle Art Museum Rental/Sales Gallery, Seattle.

                                  INTRODUCTIONS ’98.   Mixed Mediums Window installation.

December 1982        WPA Invitational, Washington, D.C. 

                                 POETIC OBJECTS. Curated by Walter Hopps. Assemblage.

September 1976      WPA Inaugural Exhibition, Washington, D.C.

                                 SUICIDE PARADISE.  Multi-media event and related relics.

September 1973      55 Mercer St. Gallery, New York.

                                 ELEVEN FROM WASHINGTON.  Drawings, paintings and assemblage.

March 1973              Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.,

                                 WASHINGTON COLOR PENCIL SCHOOL. Painted drawings.

collections, public and private

Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Los Angeles

Prudential Insurance, Los Angeles

Harvey Latourette, Los Angeles

David Rhodes and Kerry Klussman, Los Angeles

Zev and Robin Seigl, Seattle

John Vadino, Seattle

Marie Laibinis, Portland