Art Photography by James Cheng,
Janet Neuhauser, Nate Boxer, Ken Wagner,
Richard Nicol, Dennis Kempe, Lisa Bellero.
Website Design by Steve Craft.

Welcome to my website

Sometimes found lying around in an abandoned landscape is the detritus of human habitation, left behind, forgotten or hidden for untold reasons, possibly banal, possibly related to crisis.  Many such items, having passed their “lives” of usefulness close to, sometimes touching, the bodies of the humans who owned them, are left with a quality – I call it Spiritual DNA - that has a continued life of its own. They carry indelible ghostly traces of their former owners through former use which rubbed off on them and survived the rough and tumble of history.  The objects acquire a memorial aspect that demands and deserves preservation and protection because they enable us to reach through the mystery of time to touch the stories of their former owners. 

I am interested in the relentless survival of spirits as they war with the juggernaut of time.  I’m compelled to imagine stories suggested by the debris and evidence which conflicts leave behind, such as decay, grime, mold, rust, charring, fade and filmy patinas of dubious origin. My fascination began when I was growing up and taken to visit many ancient archeological sites and antiquities and it was brought to a blinding climax when I took a road trip twenty years ago through the Midwest, that vast archeological site called the American Heartland. It posed all the big questions and has been the driving force behind my art ever since, as I work to scrape and scratch away to elusive answers.

My art takes many forms including constructions, paintings and drawings, tableaux and installations.  I enjoy exploring and experimenting with new tools and materials and I use a wide variety, always hoping to hit the jackpot of expression.  Every choice is an attempt to give visual voice to a mystery which absorbs me but seems to forbid articulation or conclusion.